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What is Cabcharge?

Cabcharge, an Australian company, is a taxi charge account system that provides customers with a convenient way to pay for taxis, hire cars and water taxis without using cash. The system is designed to meet the various needs of government departments, large corporations, personal billing and businesses of every size and to give total control over taxi travel expenditure, accounting and records.

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Why Use Cabcharge?


An international system, used throughout Australia and many countries around the world.

More than 14,500 taxis in all capital cities, most major regional centres and many country towns throughout Australia.

The Cabcharge EFTPOS FAREWAY System™ lets passengers pay fares electronically using debit and charge cards - no matter how small the fare.

Staff never need worry about having cash to catch a cab.

Telephone bookings are given a prority number by taxi companies when using a Cabcharge Account.

Lost cards can be replaced in 24 hours.

Cabcharge only uses licensed operators from bona fide taxi groups.

Accounting Purposes

We can trace individual records of the dockets back to the taxi group.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology makes it possible to pass on considerable savings to account holders through electronic billing.

The ability to receive account details via electronic media will provide the opportunity to electronically manipulate and sort the data by a number of criteria.

Record your taxi expenditure and maintain a complete record for verification.

Get rapid access to information for audit and planning purposes as well as verification of docket details for billing to Cost Centres or geographical locations.

Your Statement of Account will be easy to process for payment without the labour and time intensive shuffling of paper dockets into sorted bundles.

For Taxi Owners/Drivers/Operators

Reduce the amount of cash carried by drivers.

Fast payment of accounts for companies, particularly for electronic transactions on the Cabcharge EFTPOS FAREWAY System™.

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What does Cabcharge cost?

You pay a service fee of 10 % of the fares charged to your account in each billing period. You pay this fee in addition to the fares.

To ensure our customers are not over-charged through the impact of the Goods & Services Tax (GST), the taxi fare is adjusted by a GST equalisation factor before we apply the service fee.

If the total of the fares charged in any billing period is less than $60.00 then you pay a minimum service fee of $6.00.

The total minimum service fee you pay in any 1 year is $72.00 - more than comparable to annual card fees charged by other card providers.

We provide all your Cabcharge Cards and Account Coded Dockets at no additional cost to you, regardless of the number of personalised Charge Cards or Dockets you request.

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Payment Methods

Around 90% of Australian Taxis operate Cabcharge EFTPOS FAREWAY System™ and accept Cabcharge Charge Card and Dockets and major third party Cards such as American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, MotorPass and JCB. The 10% service fee will be applicable on all approved Cards and on the same terms and conditions.

Cabcharge EFTPOS FAREWAY System™ is extremely popular with consumers and taxi drivers right across Australia because of its convenience and speed. Being able to offer the full range of Credit and Charge Card payment options is a great step forward for customers, drivers and the company.

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Cabcharge EFTPOS FAREWAY System™

Cabcharge EFTPOS FAREWAY System™ is an Australian designed mobile electronic payments system. It is a more convenient and efficient way for passengers to pay fares - and for drivers to collect them.

The Cabcharge EFTPOS FAREWAY System™ system lets passengers pay fares electronically using debit and charge cards - no matter how small the fare. Importantly, it introduces the convenience and flexibility of EFTPOS across the Taxi industry.

With more than 13 million bank debit cards in use, Australians are paying by EFTPOS for millions of transactions each week. As we move towards a "cashless society", more and more people are relying on EFTPOS to pay for their everyday goods and services.

EFTPOS terminals are already commonplace - in supermarkets, service stations, local shops... in fact any number of small retail outlets. And now, with Cabcharge EFTPOS FAREWAY System™, in taxis.

Paying by EFTPOS on the Cabcharge EFTPOS FAREWAY System™ system is just like making a retail purchase. Similar technology, giving the Taxi Industry the same, easy-to-use payment system.

Cabcharge EFTPOS FAREWAY System™, however, is more than just a mobile payment facility. The system has been designed to link into other taxi equipment to support additional passenger and taxi driver services.

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How does Cabcharge EFTPOS FAREWAY System ™ work?

A taxi with Cabcharge EFTPOS FAREWAY System™ on board is fitted with:

  • A hand held PIN Pad unit (just like those already used in supermarkets, service stations, and many other retail outlets);
  • A communications unit;
  • A printer;

Optional fittings include links to the taxi meter/ computer despatch system and a contactless smartcard reader. The PIN pad operates using menu driven instructions. The back-lit pad display provides step-by-step instructions for drivers to logon and logoff Cabcharge Fareway as well as how to pay fares using all EFTPOS debit cards, Cabcharge and other charge cards. Currently the system supports American Express, Visa, Diners, JCB, MotorPass, and Mastercard.
The communication unit, using the the Telstra MobileData wireless data network, controls the flow of transaction details and approvals back and forth between the taxi and the Bank for EFTPOS and Cabcharge for charge cards.

In addition, the on-board equipment can communicate with a Network Management System for automatic inventory tracking as well as allow for the remote download of software revisions, eliminating driver downtime.

The printer allows passengers to receive a record of all fare transactions. The customer receipt includes the taxi number and radio network and time of trip for subsequent reference, for example, to easily track lost property. It also provides a detailed printout of drivers' shift reports.
  * Note - customer transactions through EFTPOS attract a 10% processing fee.

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