DRT – Demand Responsive Transport

Demand Responsive Transport trials (Logan)

13cabs has partnered with TransLink to deliver Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) which is a new transport option operating in 15 suburbs within Logan.

DRT is a pre-booked, shared transport service designed to make it easier to get around your local area when buses and trains aren’t available.

A new transport option for residents, DRT will take you to your local bus or train station and selected local facilities, such as shops, medical centres and libraries.

Download the MyDRTLogan app from the Apple store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).


How does it work?
DRT is simple:

  • You register and book your trip in advance
  • We find other people in your area who want to travel at around the same time
  • We pick you all up near your homes or from a pre-arranged location
  • You pay a standard low fare, no matter how far you travel
  • We drop you off at your chosen destination in time for your bus or appointment

At the end of the trial in Logan, TransLink will see whether this form of transport can be rolled out across other locations.

Visit the TransLink website to find out more about the DRT trial or call us on 13 11 90.