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Andrew Has A Licence to Lease

Known as one of the youngest managers ever to have been at Yellow Cabs, Andrew Fannin has been with the company since January 1988 when he worked in the garage as a console operator.

"I remember it was 1988 because we were very busy and it was the year of Expo," explained Andrew. "Shell were giving away 3 day passes to Expo if drivers bought a certain amount of LPG and lots of cab drivers liked that idea!"

Prior to working with Yellow Cabs, Andrew's first job was with a chrome plating business and he then had a stint spray painting trucks. He hasn't moved far from where he grew up in Woolloongabba.

Andrew was 19 when he started with Yellow Cabs. After 3 years he took a year off to travel and do different jobs.

"When I returned, I worked in the top service station where I helped doing the lube bay and tyre services with old Donny, who some people will remember," said Andrew. "Old Donny taught me how to do the servicing and how to talk to the cabbies, as well as how to have a coffee!"

Later, Andrew completed an apprenticeship as a mechanic with Yellows and completed his certificates in gas fitting, air conditioning and roadworthy checks. He is still licensed today.

"In 1999, I became the company fleet manager which was a great life experience for me," explained Andrew. "It was a big challenge going from working on the floor to managing where I had to give instructions rather than take them."

"I saw the other side of the Yellow Cabs business and at the time the GST was being introduced which added a level of complexity." Andrew said. "I was in my early 30's and a young manager which made it a challenge."

"In that role, I managed approximately 100 cars and dealt with around 280 drivers."

After running the company fleet for 7 years, Andrew moved into Fleet Sales and Licensing in February 2006, although he still oversees the fleet in his current role.

"Now I liaise with licence owners and lessees who need to renew their licence or lease and I run numerous licences and leases. Car sales is also a part of my role."

When asked the best thing about working at Yellow Cabs, Andrew replied, "The staff. I work with some great people."

Outside of work Andrew enjoys travelling overseas, working around the house and watching all sports, with kick boxing a favourite.

"I've been playing sport since I was 5 and have played indoor cricket, soccer, tae kwon do and indoor volleyball to name a few," Andrew said. "Recently I've been getting back into running."

Andrew was recently involved in the Corporate Rugby Day and only 3 years ago won the Australian Championship in Tae Kwon Do.