Maxi Taxis

Yellow Cab Maxi Taxis
  • Late model people movers equipped to handle people with disabilities
  • Capable of moving large groups complete with luggage
  • Will carry up to 10 passengers or smaller numbers with up to 2 wheelchairs
  • Great choice for airport pick-up and set-down with hoist on all vehicles
  • Ideal for group outings to restaurant, golf, small tour groups
  • Drivers specially trained to assist the elderly and disabled
  • Cabcharge, EFTPOS, all major credit cards, in-car units
  • In-app payment means no delays at destination
  • Satellite tracking installed in every vehicle as a fixed unit gives unrivalled constant security
  • Cameras installed in every vehicle as fixed units give unrivalled constant security
  • Message on Approach enabling clients to meet their cab every time
  • Cab dedicated to client by name avoids confusion or dispute
  • State of the art app available for all smart phones – Android, iPhone, Windows.
  • Small standard service fee applies when Maxi Taxi Service specifically selected
  • Fixed price fares available
  • Share the fare and travel for less